David Woodville
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Level Heavy Seed
Gender Male
Personal Status
Partner Seymour Maximilian
Relative(s) Richard Woodville (younger brother)
Manga Debut
Anime Debut N/A


David Woodville is Kunimasa's father (of which Makio is the mother), Yonekuni's step-father and Hidekuni's father (of which Maximillian is the mother). He is a famous artist who's work is mainly focused around sculpture.


David is loud and excitable, and has been described as 'the centre of most loud gatherings' by his husband Maximillian Seymour.


David is an American sculpture student who attends university. While his history is mostly unknown, we know that his upbringing was quite ordinary.


David is out one day and comes across Maximillian. He asks Maximillian a question before promptly stating that he was beautiful. He then went on to ask if Maximillian would be his model, but was turned down. David turns to Makio to help out, where she tricks Max into thinking he's watching her cat while she travels to Japan, but he is actually taking in David. After begrudgingly accepting David into his home, Max starts to fall in love with David. David states that he cannot return Max's feelings and moves out. After a short time, David's younger brother (Richard) goes out and seeks Max where he admits he has feelings for Max and kisses him. David drags Max back to his home in outrage, where David confesses that he loves Max as well. A short time after this, Makio gives birth to Yonekuni and Kunimasa.

Madararui & AbilitiesEdit

David is a jaguar, the heavy-seed werecat.